HTML base Tag target Attribute Tutorial

In this section, we will learn about target attribute of the HTML <base> element.

What is target Attribute in HTML <base> Tag?

The target attribute of HTML <base> element is used to set the location where links on a page should be opened in.

Basically, HTML <a> element has the same attribute and we can separately set this value for each <a> element on a page. But if all of them use the same target to open the linked documents, then using the target attribute on HTML <base> element would apply the same value to all links on a page.

HTML target Attribute in <base> Tag Syntax:

<base target = “_blank | _self | _parent | _top | framename”>

<base> Tag target Attribute Values

In the table below, you can see the list of values for the target attribute




Open the links in a new tab or window.


Open the links in the window of the current document.


Open the links in the parent frame


Open the links in the full body of the window


Open the links in the specified iframe.

Example: using target attribute in HTML <base> tag

See the Pen using target attribute in HTML <base> tag by Omid Dehghan (@odchan1) on CodePen.


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