HTML title Tag Tutorial

In this section, we will learn what HTML <title> element is and how to use it.

What is a Website Title?

When your browser loads a webpage, the content you see on top of the window or over the browser’s tab is called the title of that webpage.

The title mainly gives a small description (of about 60-65 characters) about the opened document.

For example:

HTML title tag

When you open Google, for example, the title of the homepage for Google is set to “Google”.

Titles in HTML: What is <title> Tag in HTML?

HTML <title> element is used to create a title for an HTML document.

Search Engines like Google pay lots of attention to the content we set for the <title> element because this is basically the first and highest introduction to your webpage and it tells what people will see inside that page.

Also, this title will be displayed in SERPs result (Search Engine Result Pages) so users can see what your page is about by reading title even before opening the page.

So it is important to carefully set the title if you want to get high traffic to your webpage.

Note: we put the <title> element in the body of HTML <head> element.

HTML <title> Tag Syntax:

<title> Title content </title>

HTML <title> Tag Values

The value we set for the <title> element is the title of the HTML document, and browsers will display this value over a tab or on top of the browser window, depending on how that page was loaded.

Example: HTML page title

See the Pen HTML page title by Omid Dehghan (@odehghan) on CodePen.


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