JavaScript Array push() Tutorial

In this section, we will learn what the push() method is and how to use it in JavaScript.

JavaScript Arrays push() Method (JavaScript Append to Array)

The Array push() method is a way of adding new elements to an array.

These elements will be added to the end of the target array.

For example, if you have an array like [1,2,3] and used the push() method to add (4,5,6) to the array, these elements then will appear at the end of the array (after the value 3 for this example) and the final result becomes [1,2,3,4,5,6].

Note: this method changes the original array.

Array push() Syntax:

array.push(item1, item2, ..., itemX)

Array push() Method Parameters:

The arguments to the `push()` method are a variable number of elements that want to add to the array.

Array push() Method Return Value:

The return value of this method is the new length of the array that we’ve just added new elements to it.

Example: JavaScript adding to array via push() method

const arr = ["Tesla","Google"];

const length = arr.push("Microsoft","Amazon","Facebook","Twitter");

console.log(`The new length of the array is: ${length}`);



The new length of the array is: 6

 ["Tesla", "Google", "Microsoft", "Amazon", "Facebook", "Twitter"]

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